Home Automation

Model: Marmitek, Transceiver
  • Wall module with receiver for Marmitek remote controls
  • Transmits signals of Marmitek remote controls to X-10 signals for the mains
  • Built-in appliance module: Remote control On and Off for lights and appliances
  • Receives all 16 housecodes
Takes radio frequency commands from Marmitek wireless controllers (remote controls, wireless switches and wireless sensors) and converts them to the X-10 signals carried over existing house wiring. The TM13 also has a built-in appliance module. You need one TM13 per installation when you use a wireless controller. You don't need the TM13 if there is a Marmitek wireless alarm system installed.

Order # MA-HT-TM13G
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Model: Marmitek, Home Automation Transceiver
  • Use your Marmitek remote control to switch the lights in your house on and off, even through walls and ceilings.
  • You can control different types of equipment inside the house and outside, such as the air-conditioning, sun blinds, fountain, garden lights…
  • The Home Control TM13 transmits X10 signals via the mains and can be extended endlessly.
The Home Control TM13 has a double functionality: Firstly it is a ON/OFF switch for electrical appliances. It is also the starting point and central device of the Marmitek Home Control Programme and works as a converter that transmits signals via the mains. Lights and electrical appliances (such as an extractor fan or water fountain) can be controlled from anywhere in the house. Works in combination with Marmitek remote controls with a RF (radio frequency) transmitter.

Order # MA-HT-HCTM13G
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