Home Automation

Model: Marmitek, XM10G

Order # MA-HK-XM10G
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Model: Marmitek, XM10E
  • Couples your surveillance system with Marmitek X-10
  • Control the lighting and sirens with Alarm
  • Switch your lights on with your remote control
  • Works together with IR455 B&O to X-10 converter
  • Compatible with eg. GE Interlogix, Aritech, Visonic, Caddx and Honeywell
  • Metal Mounting bracket included
Two-way TTL/CMOS interface for connecting the Marmitek X-10 system with your own applications or with appliances which have a X-10 interface entry (alarm systems, thermostats, touch screen controllers, etc.). Translates TTL/CMOS signals to Marmitek X-10 signals on the existing house wiring and vice versa. Calvinistic divided entry and exit with regard to the existing wiring.

Order # MA-HK-XM10E
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Model: Marmitek, CM11 Cable Adapter
  • Cable for CM11 computerinterface
  • Usermanual and Software included
The Marmitek CM-USB cable allows you to use Marmitek ActiveHome and the CM11 computer interface via the USB port of your PC! The Marmitek CM-USB supports all the functions of the ActiveHome software.

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Model: Marmitek, TMD4
  • Makes your X-10 system invisible
  • Transforms your existing switch into a X-10 controllable transmitter
  • Transmits On, Off and Dim commands.
The TMD4 MicroModule is an extremely small Marmitek X-10 Transmitter for four addresses and the commands DIM/BRIGHT and ON/OFF. The TMD4 accepts up to four momentary switches by wire leads, and transmits up to four sequential X-10 power line carrier DIM/BRIGHT and ON/OFF commands. MicroModules use two-way X-10 communication. Marmitek MicroModules are designed to fit in the rear of European junction boxes, behind any installed switch or outlet.

Order # MA-HK-TMD4
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Model: Marmitek, TMA4
  • Makes your X-10 system invisible
  • Transforms your existing switch into a X-10 controllable transmitter
  • Transmits On and Off commands.
The TMA4 MicroModule is an extremely small Marmitek X10 Transmitter for 4 addresses and the commands ON and OFF. The TMA4 connects up to four maintained switches by wire leads and transmits up to four sequential X-10 powerline carrier ON/OFF addresses. MicroModules use two-way X-10 communication. Marmitek MicroModules are designed to fit in the rear of European junction boxes, behind any installed switch or outlet.

Order # MA-HK-TMA4
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Model: Marmitek, SM10E
  • Transforms a make/break contact into an X-10 signal
  • Switches the lights on when the alarm goes off
Sender for controlling appliances and lights, that are plugged into the Marmitek X-10 modules, through the existing house wiring. Automatically switches all lights (on or flashing) in case of alarm, without running any extra wires. Switch appliances and lights from every location in your home without extra cables. You can use almost every signal as a \"trigger\" for the SM10: contact closure (relays, switch of alarm keypad), but also any voltage between 6 and 18 (e.g. doorbell transformer or amplified audio signal)

Order # MA-HK-SM10E
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Model: Marmitek, Emergency Operations Center
  • Wireless security system
  • Built-in siren and phone dialer
  • Supplied with SWT: Secured Wireless Technology
  • Display in your own language (english, german, french, dutch, italian, portugese, spanish, swedish, turkish, romanian)
  • X-10 compatible
Wireless Security and Prevention System with built-in telephone dialer. With every push button phone it is possible to dail-in on the SC9000 to control Home Automation and Alarm functions.

Order # MA-HK-SC9000D
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Model: Marmitek, Control device
  • Control lights and equipment from your bedroom
  • Handy for when going to bed
  • Wake up to sound, the lights turned on and the smell of fresh coffee
  • Timer for 4 separate modules
  • Now in a silver design!
Extensive timer with the possibility to control Marmitek X-10 modules from a distance by hand or automatically. Ideal for presence simulation: It seems like you are home. Switch 4 different modules per day. With one push on the button all lights will go on or off. With a build-in alarm clock.

Order # MA-HK-MT10E
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Model: Marmitek, IR/RF7243E
  • Control panel for switching and dimming almost all your electrical appliances.
  • Controls Marmitek X10 modules via the existing mains.
  • Can be used directly by pressing the buttons on the Mini Controller/Transceiver (e.g. On/Off, Dim, All Off, etc.).
  • Can be controlled using an X10 compatible infra-red remote control (e.g. Marmitek EasyControl4 en 6, EasyTouch25, Philips Pronto, some One for All models, etc.).
  • Can be controlled wirelessly using an X10 RF signal (e.g. Marmitek RF remote control Easycontrol8 and EasyTouch35, Marmitek wall switch SS13, Marmitek motion detector MS13, etc.)
  • Receives all 16 Housecodes
The IRRF 7243 is a very nifty control panel for switching appliances and lights on and off. Everything can be controlled in combination with Marmitek X10 modules, easy and without the need for extra wires. Ideal for switching off all the lights before going to bed, switching on an outdoor lamp or switching off TVs. Compatible with and extendable with all Marmitek X10 modules.Transfer infra-red and high-frequency signals from Marmitek wireless controllers (remote controls, wireless switches and wireless sensors) to the Marmitek X-10 protocol on the mains.

Order # MA-HK-IRRF
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Model: Marmitek, IR455E
  • Convert the signal of Bang&Olufsen remote controls to a Marmitek X-10 signal.
  • Use your BEO4 remote control to dim lights and switch electric equipment.
  • Ideal for your home cinema: the right setting for your lighting with one press of a button.
The IR455 ‘B&O to X-10 converter’ brings the worlds of Bang&Olufsen and Marmitek X-10 together. From now on you can control all your lighting and electric equipment with your own BEO4 remote control! The IR455 converts the signal of your BEO4 remote control to Marmitek X-10 signals. You can then benefit from all the advantages of the Marmitek X-10. It can be used in combination with the XM10E powerline adapter.

Order # MA-HK-IR455E
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Model: Marmitek, CM11G-USB
  • Simulates your presence when you are on holiday
  • Control and program your system on the screen
  • Stand alone: PC can be switched off after programming
  • Calculates light and dark times for the entire year
  • Macro function: set preferences with one push of a button
  • With USB connection equiped
  • The CM11 is also available with a serial connection
Switch and dim modules exactly as you want: by sunrise or sunset, at programmed times or according to your own schedule. ActiefHome Software is standard, provided in four languages (Windows 9x,NT in Dutch, German, English en France) on a CD-Rom, which includes switch possibilities. Easy to install and to use, no PC cart necessary! Stand-alone: PC can be switched off after being installed. By pushing one button you can activate compounded actions (scenario’s, sleeping, coming home, vacation, etc.). Two-way interface: switching and reading out the status from the PC screen.

Order # MA-HK-CM11G
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