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Model: Satlook NIT Color

Das neue „Satlook NIT Color“ verfügt über die gleichen Eigenschaften wie das „Satlook Digital NIT“ und die neuen aufgeführten features:

DVB satellite-receiver 920-2150MHz
Spectrum-analyzer with expanded spectrum
Automatic Satellite identification
5” 16:9 LCD color display
DVB-S (Free to Air) and Analog TV-picture
Digital BER, QPSK and S/N-ratio
Satellite-ID and TV/Radio-channel info
DiSEqC according to level 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
LNB voltage 13/18V, 22KHz tone switch
KU- and C-band (normal/inverted video)
Lots of memory positions for spectrum pictures
Tuneable audio bandwidth 5.5-8.5MHz
RS232 for PC-connection (up/download)
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Nice & small, only 3Kg complete with carrying case

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Model: HDMI Kabel 1,5 Meter

HDMI Kabel, 1,5 Meter

Order # K-HDMI015
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Model: HDMI Kabel 5,0 Meter
HDMI Kabel, 5,0 Meter

Order # K-HDMI050
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Model: HDMI Kabel 10,0 Meter
HDMI Kabel, 10,0 Meter

Order # K-HDMI100
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Model: Satlook Mark IV FTA
- Digitaler FTA und Analog Satellitenreceiver 920 - 2150 MHz
- 4,5" Farb-TFT Display für PAL und NTSC
- einstellbare Sound-Bandbreite von 5,5 - 8,5 MHz
- Full Spectrum - normaler oder erweiterter Modus
- LNB-Spannung 13/18V und 22 KHz Tone Switch
- DiSEqC-Unterstützung (Level 1.0)
- Levelcheck für einzelne Kanäle mit LED Anzeige
- Video / Audio Ausgang für TV-Anschluss
- KU- und C-Band
- integriertes, wiederaufladbares Akkupack
- Gewicht nur 5,5 kg komplett mit Tragetasche
- CE geprüft

Order # ME-SL-4-FTA
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Model: Maximum RF 3000
Universal Video - RF modulator with display. FEATURES • SCART input/output and 1 RCA input • Antenna input • Antenna output (TV) • DC power supply input • ON/OFF switch • Channel Adjustments (CH+ / CH-) • LED Channel number display

Order # MX-RF-3000
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Model: Telestar Skyropa 1
2.4 GHz radio system for the wireless transmission of picture and stereophonic sound with remote maintenance backward channel. Very compact building method, high range (approx. 100m in free areas, up to 50m in buildings)

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Model: Edision 120dB, Koaxkabel 100m Spule
Edision Koaxkabel 100m Spule, Schirmg.: 120dB

Order # K-KOAX-ED-120
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Model: Edision 110dB, Koaxkabel 100m Spule
Edision Koaxkabel 100m Spule, Schirmg.: 110dB

Order # K-KOAX-ED-110
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Model: Edision 98dB, Koaxkabel 100m Spule
Edision Koaxkabel 100m Spule, Schirmg.: 98dB, Dämpf. 20dB (1000Mhz)

Order # K-KOAX-ED-098
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Model: Vantage Satfinder
With this Sat-Finder you can easily adjust your analog or digital Satelitte Dish. The Satfinder has a visual and acoustic indication. you just put the satfinder between your receiver and the lnb. cable is included

Order # ME-SF
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Model: Serielles Kabel
Serielles Kabel 1:1 belegt/ 1.5 Meter

Order # K-Seriell
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Model: Ser. Nullmodemkabel 5m
Ser. Nullmodemkabel 5 Meter

Order # K-NM5
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Model: Ser. Nullmodemkabel 1,5m
Ser. Nullmodemkabel 1.5 Meter

Order # K-NM 1.5
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Model: Video-Set
Video-Set: DIN-Kabel 1,5m, 2x Scartadapter, 2x Cinchadapter, 1x BNC-Adapter

Order # K-VS6
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Model: Scartkabel
Scartkabel 1,5m, 21-polig, vollbelegt

Order # K-Scart
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Model: F-Verbinder
F-Verbinder, Buchse-Buchse

Order # F-VB
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Model: F-Stecker 7mm
F-Stecker 7mm, verzinkt, high quality, 100 Stk. verpackt

Order # FS-7
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Model: Sat-Twin-Enddose
Sat-Twin-Enddose mit Aufputzrahmen, 4-Loch

Order # ZD-T
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Model: Sat-Enddose
Sat-Enddose mit Aufputzrahmen, 3-Loch

Order # ZD-S
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Model: Koaxkabel 112db
Koaxkabel 100m Ring, RG6/112, Schirmung >112db, high quality

Order # K-Koax-112
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Model: Coaxial Duo Twin Cable
100m rolls, shield: >90db, high quality, Measurement protocol see in Download - Documents section

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